Command your troops through the war-ridden land, place your banner and let no one stand in your way to fame and glory.


Bannermen on Steam Summer Sale!

June 25, 2020

Steam Summer Sale 2020 has just started! Be sure to grab a copy of Bannermen with a whopping 60% ...

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Meet us at Arctic15

February 04, 2020

Jonathan Andersson and Accel Sjöström from Pathos Interactive will be at Arctic15 this week.


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Bannermen Free Weekend LIVE on Steam!

January 16, 2020

Bannermen is now free to install and play on Steam! The full game, including campaign and multi...

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Pathos Interactive®

Pathos Interactive is a game studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. Founded in 2015.

Launched Bannermen, a real-time strategy game, February 2019 on Steam for PC.

The studio is part of Sweden Game Arena - a world leading game incubator that has laid the foundation for many successful titles, like Battlerite, Goat Simulator and Magicka.

Work at Pathos

Pathos Interactive is always looking for driven individuals that wants to make the best games.

GOT:Technical Artist


GOT:3D Artist


GOT:C++ Programmer


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