Recently, due to some outdated information on our Steam page, we have got plenty of questions regarding the date for our full release. Therefore, we have now updated the information on our website and Steam page.

Originally, the plan was to release the full version of Bannermen during the fall 2018. However, we have decided to move the full release to this winter. The reason is that we want to offer a well-polished game, with all features complete at release. Bannermen will contain a story-driven singleplayer campaign, online multiplayer, skirmish against AI and custom games, and all of this take time to finalize. Thanks to the alpha tests that we have organised with our community, we have received a lot of great feedback and suggestions that we now want to implement till the final version.

Now, the next step in this process is the upcoming Alpha Weekends (Sep 29-30, Oct 13-14 and Oct 27-28) where we'll be testing the latest multiplayer gameplay together with our community. If you haven't already, you are more than welcome to apply for the Alpha Weekends on our Discord server.

After that, we will move on towards the beta period. Here, we will probably let our community try out some of the campaign missions in the singleplayer, as well as new maps in the multiplayer. More info will come!