It is time for our fourth Alpha Weekend! Between Saturday (Oct 13 9:00 CEST) and Monday (Oct 15 9:00 CEST) Bannermen will be available on Steam. As in previous alpha sessions, focus lies on the online multiplayer part of the game. There are however PLENTY of new stuff in this version, below are some of the bigger ones.

- New hero unit: Karthor.

- Changed so that heroes keep their XP when they die/revive.

- Increased the number of hero levels from 5 to 10.

- Added layer of vision-blocking bushes around nature camps.

- Resource lots contain 25-30% less resources.

- Fixed crash bug; "Pure virtual function being called..."

- Fixed problem with units getting stuck near edges.

- Attack-move rally point added.

- Increased size of ramp entrances on Crullfeld Heights.

- Upgrade countdowns added.

- Balancing adjustments: Nerfed heroes' start stats, increased heroes' production time, increased heroes' HP regen speed, lowered Scouting Hound's production cost and HP, decreased Spearman's attack range and lowered his damage, increased Archer Tower's HP, made Convict immune against Spire Slow, lowered Worker's HP.

We really look forward to this weekend and we hope you are excited to try the game! Don't forget to join the fun on our Discord server, where you can find opponents and chat with thousands of other awesome people interested in Bannermen!